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This company has the world's worst customer service department. I ordered a laser on August 2nd, and as of today (Jan 4) I still have not received my laser.

Emails to the customer service are only sporadically answered and their main excuse is "We're just so understaffed and demand has been too high." So now they're "upgrading" my still non-existant laser to a different housing, but what good is that if I still don't have it?

They have lost my order for months, now they find it and tell me that my order number is on the way, but still, not even an order number do I have.

I gave them till the end of this week for action, then I'm calling my card to have them drop the charge. Oh, yeah, one more thing: on their website they state that they don't charge your card until the order is hipped, but they charged my card immediately - FIVE MONTHS AGO!!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Franklin, Louisiana, United States #254540

Yet another update!

I tried out my laser for a couple of seconds to make sure it worked. And it did.

However, when putting it back into the case that came with it, the on/off button popped off.

Apparently, it's just slightly glued to the mechanism beneath. That is really poor design, no edges to hold it in place, just a small drop of glue.

Now I guess I get to see how long it will take to get it repaired.

Franklin, Louisiana, United States #248542

Can you believe it?? My laser finally arrived after a short delay of only 193 DAYS!!! It looks nice, they included a tripod and a ring holder also.

Still quite the debacle!


Customs will seize the laser befor you get it.. trust me .. they got the one I ordered from wicked lasers and sent a nice note in its place..

Franklin, Louisiana, United States #237644


Now it's Jan 19th, and still no laser. Still can't reach Customer Service - all you ever get to do is leave a message if you're lucky enough that their voicemail is not full. Their website says they will ship in 2 - 3 weeks, though that statement has been on their website for a month, so that timeline has been passed.

Still Pissed!

And just Google "wicked Lasers" and "Scam" and you will find many many sites that show that people still are having their problems and most think Wicked Lasers is indeed a scam. Take your money, deliver no product.


Oddly enough, minutes after I posted this I received an email from Wicked letting me know that my laser has finally shipped - apparently they do read their customer service messages and threatening to have your credit card issue a charge-back and flame them in every possible review site on the internet gets some attention.

What I said above still stands, however. they really do have horrible customer service, and it really does take an extraordinarily long time to get your product shipped. No matter what their shipping schedule looks like on their website at this moment, be advised that it will almost certainly take months for it to ship - if you're OK with that, godspeed, just don't expect them to wait to charge your card until they've shipped the order...


I am right there with you - ordered my laser from them on August 17th, had to email them to get a ticket number after I saw that my credit card was billed but hadn't gotten a receipt from them yet. After that I kept diligently checking their website to see when it would ship and was excited and pissed in turn as I saw at various times that I could expect my laser to ship sometime in September, then sometime in October, then by the end of November, then "you'll have your orders by Christmas" and now the website says "2-4 weeks"

Seriously the worst customer service ever. You can't get through to anyone on their "24-hour service line" because it goes to voice mail and the mailbox is full. I sent them a scathing email, but who knows if they'll even read it?

If anyone else is reading this: don't waste your time or your money with this worthless company - they do not deliver what they promise and bill your credit card immediately.

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